Senior Legal Counsel

(ga05 - Hamburg )

As our legal counsel, you will strengthen our legal department in developing our legal strategies and managing our legal processes at Open-Xchange, working together closely with top-level management while reporting directly to the CFO. As a very experienced legal counsel, you enjoy being involved in or leading the negotiation of complex international contracts, working closely with our senior managers or the board, and you enjoy to consulting business units on various legal topics.

You are an excellently qualified lawyer, with significant multi-year post-graduate professional experience in dealing with legal matters that are important to us around software, services, IP/IT and data protection internationally.

Open-Xchange is headquartered out of Cologne, Germany, with our legal team based out of Hamburg. Ideally, you will be based out of Hamburg, or you are willing to spend significant time there. The legal department is organized as a modern, non-hierarchical team with a high level of transparency, cooperation and mutual consultation. The daily work is based on agile processing of inquiries using digital project management tools.

Your key responsibilities

As our Legal Counsel, you will advise the management board, management and all specialist departments on a variety of legal topics. You will be one of three Legal Counsels, supported by a working student, with a core focus on negotiations of complex international customer contracts and all types of commercial international agreements related to software, services, out-sourcing, IP/IT and data protection.

  • You develop and manage our legal strategy, processes and tools at OX, including contract management and corporate matters (incl. telecommunications law, GDPR, data protection, corporate governance).
  • You draft, review and negotiate large scale and complex software license, SaaS, implementation and maintenance contracts.
  • You draft, review and negotiate procurement and partner agreements with suppliers from different industries.
  • You consult our People team on employment law matters.
  • You select and manage external legal advisors and litigators, as well as management of legal and judicial conflicts (formal and informal).

Your background

  • You have graduated in law from a German University and passed your 2nd state exam.
  • You bring along broad multi-year (five years at least) professional knowledge in negotiating complex contracts in an international context.
  • You have a deep knowledge of IT-/IP- and data protection topics, as well as of other legal disciplines relevant for software and services.
  • You have developed an extraordinary pool of experience in international contract negotiations with big players in the telecommunication and/or software industry.
  • You know the open-source community, understand the respective challenges, advantages and especially the legal licensing risks.
  • You enjoy understanding technical details of our product range and you are open for innovative legal tech and contract management approaches

About Open-Xchange

Open-Xchange is a developer of open source communication, collaboration, office productivity, and DNS-based security software and services. With 270+ employees and a global presence, Open-Xchange is well-positioned to meet the needs of our large Internet Service Provider, Hosting, Telecommunication, and Cable Provider audience. Open-Xchange SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions are delivered by partners such as 1&1, Orange, Italiaonline, Comcast, GoDaddy, and Softbank, with more than 200 million users already using the products for private and business communication. 

The core of the product portfolio is OX App Suite with applications for email, contacts, and appointments. In addition, OX App Suite can be expanded to include additional apps such as OX Drive for managing and synchronizing documents, images, and video, OX Documents for text editing, spreadsheets and presentations and OX Guard for encrypting emails and files. Dovecot, the world's leading open source IMAP server software, and PowerDNS, a provider of secure DNS services, complete the Open-Xchange product portfolio.  

Open-Xchange is headquartered in Cologne, Germany, with offices in Bremen, Dortmund, Hamburg, Olpe, and Nuremberg. International offices include the USA, France, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Japan.

If you are interested, please contact us for further information - or send us your paperless application with a cover letter including the job ID (see at the top left corner), tabular CV, certificates, salary expectations and the earliest possible date of entry by e-mail to